Two: Many of the Actual Victims Can’t be Paid by the Actual Perpetrators.

In ideal reparations, the actual person who did the wrong pays the specific person harmed. This is the most straight forward way to do reparations. It avoids issues of the payer having nothing personally to do with the wrongs committed or only benefiting indirectly, and avoids paying the descendants of those wronged who would have been affected by the evil, but were not directly acted upon.

As explained earlier, it was American society and government that shat on blacks for generations, so it’s reasonable for us as…

So, why am I skeptical of reparations, and why am I only sympathetic toward a relatively small reparations payout?

One, part of the disparity we see today between blacks and whites is a result of black behavior.

Two, the ideal form of reparation is the actual perpetrator paying the actual victim. That isn’t possible here.

Three, the consequences of slavery for a modern descendent of slaves may actually be positive compared to living in poor and dysfunctional Africa.

Four, Americans didn’t invent slavery, nor did they enslave free peoples. Americans took part in an institution that was accepted around the…

While I’m skeptical of reparations, wrongs were clearly committed. And, there would be some justice in a formal recognition of such wrongs combined with a reparation payment. No payment would ever truly make up for slavery, Jim Crow, and other government and societal discrimination, and anything that would attempt to…would be astronomically expensive, but, a substantial token payment that is enough to help someone’s life would still be a form of justice.

The U.S. House of Representatives actually already apologized for slavery and Jim Crow in 2008, and the Senate apologized for slavery and segregation in 2009. …

Was slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation really that bad? Did American society really repeatedly screw the descendants of slaves like some say? The answer is yes, and it begs the question…should the United States pay some sort of reparation in a formal apology for slavery and discrimination? The answer to that is complicated.

Below, I cover the dark history of American society’s poor treatment of blacks. Then I describe a reparations program I’d be sympathetic towards before explaining why I’m skeptical of reparations in general, and flat out against anything but a relatively small reparations payout.


The key problem with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is that too many people are actually using this insurance. When people actually use their insurance to pay for medical care, the insurance companies can’t make money!

Obamacare insurance marketplaces serve a real need. There were groups of people who couldn’t get or afford medical care, and the combination of subsidies (that pays for much of the insurance), and rules not allowing insurance companies to deny people based on preexisting conditions — these two things — allow these people to get and afford the medical care they need.

That — after 20 years, 88 billion dollars spent on the Afghan army and militarized police, and 2.26 trillion spent on the war in total — the Afghan forces put up little to no resistance to the Taliban, shows that we were not even close to winning the war in Afghanistan. We were not close to having an Afghan government that could defend itself without U.S. military intervention. Our withdrawal resulted in the immediate collapse of the government and the takeover of the entire country by the Taliban. …

What Juneteenth means to me:

Juneteenth is not just a black holiday. Maybe it was historically, as most people celebrating it were the descendants of slaves and it has special meaning for those whose ancestors gained their freedom in that time. But now…it’s officially a federal holiday. The federal government is by and for all people of America. More importantly, the end of slavery is important to the history and very spirit of this country.

If you would have asked me before Juneteenth was put into law as a holiday: should it be a federal holiday? I would have said…

Hi. I’m Lone Candle.

What the Hell! is going on at the border? What and who caused this influx of migrants?

I’ve got a story to tell. It starts with shit going on in the Central American Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Then we gotta talk about seasonal migration patterns, followed by Trump and Covid restrictions, and finally the coming of Biden.


Why people would want to immigrate to the United States in the first place is called push factors — factors pushing people to the border.

A first general factor is these countries…


In conclusion. Homelessness is a huge fucking problem. The amount of people who experience homelessness every year is freaking mind boggling. However, most of these people are temporarily homeless and don’t suffer from mental problems or drug addiction. Meanwhile, the chronically homeless are much more likely to have substance abuse problems or mental illness.

Helping the homeless requires various approaches because different people need different kinds of assistance. Some need a little help getting back on their feet, and others need housing provided for them and intense services to help them with their issues as well as to teach…

Cheaper Housing and More Income

Prevention, permanent supportive housing, shelters, rapid re-housing, and services to help people: get a job, overcome addiction, and treat mental illness…all have verifiably helped people find shelter and better their lives. We can both count the people who have been helped, and watch a plethora of interviews and documentaries about such people.

And, I’m not revealing any secret. These are the mainstream responses that charities and governments have been applying. The amount of permanent supportive housing, shelter beds, and rapid re-housing have been increasing.

However, an appropriate question is…if these strategies work, then why do…

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